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Vertical Double Sprocket Belt Driven Sucker Rod Pump is a new type of oil pumping unit. It includes power machine, gear reducer, double sprocket, shuttle car, weight box, load belt, head sheave, polished rod eye, vertical stand etc. Driving by power machine, through the reducer, chain drive and belt hanging rope, contact the sucker rod, do up and under the reciprocating linear motion, thus to achieve the process of oil production.

The advantages of Vertical Double Sprocket Belt Driven Sucker Rod Pump:

  • Convenient installation and works on long-term all-weather condition.
  • Featuring double-chain mechanism acting the to-and-fro frame, this improves the stress state and eliminates the hidden danger of fracturing the guide wheel and breaking the chain to greatly improve the reliability, security and extending the service life
  • Equipped with a suspension point loads and low revs, long stroke, which will help heavy oil exploitation, energy saving and high-efficiency large output
  • Using an excellent balance mechanism with mechanical counterweight to achieve the sucker rod up-and-down stroke operation thus reducing power consumption with an energy saving up to 30% in comparison with the conventional SRP
  • Featuring sophisticated gear-reducer system for transmission resulting in easy and reliable operation and simple maintenance



Indian Ocean Garnet sands Co Pvt. Ltd. produces high-grade almandine Garnet, which is the hardest amongst Garnet varieties. The garnet is highly inert and will not react with any other material or surface. The garnet comes in Grade 12/24, 20/40 and 30/60. The chloride and conductivity levels are very low, so the surface coated paints will not be withered and will withstand for a long time.

The garnet are used for sand blasting, application in offshore rigs, general marine, structural steel, oil storage vessels, rail-car containers 9mild steel and stainless), high chrome/nickel steels, in sites requiring low dusting limits, jobs requiring consistent profile to specification, pipes, etc.

The advantages of high-grade Almandine Garnet:

  • The combination of tough mineral structure and rapid settling, results in lower levels of dusting during abrasive blasting. It creates a safer working environment and ensures fewer disruptions to neighboring areas. The garnet abrasive is recyclable many times.
  • All our grades are precise in their size and of high purity. The unique washing systems ensure the product dust as free and free from chloride. Many Oil companies in the Middle East and Europe have approved our products. We supply about 25,000 MTs per annum to the sand blasting industries.